Welcome to Elkhorn Hot Springs!

Come stay with us in one of our original cabins or lodge. Enjoy our natural pools, friendly atmosphere, and surrounding wilderness with endless recreational activities.

Please check out our cabins and picture gallery! See the wonderful scenery our tucked away resort has to offer!

Hello! Thanks for visiting our new and improved website! Please know that we are currently working out some kinks in our new online booking system. These glitches currently are occurring in how our software displays pricing and confirmation for reservations. Please refer to the pricing that is DIRECTLY LISTED on our web-pages for each cabin, NOT the pricing the booking system displays on any calendar, or form you fill out. If you have any problems with the online booking system, please call us to make a reservation, and we will gladly put you in our books over the phone. Thank you for your patience while we make this switch! If you have any questions relating to the website, please email our web developer, at: Keegan@relaptops.org